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Limbo, Limbo


So far i have completed the book I was told to read: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. It was a great read and I would offer it as a help; to all those who need help in grammar. I have also finished readin the Oxford Study Bible for Ancient Lit. But what I would really like to take from this literary education is the mind changes that occur. Since reading the above mentioned Novel by Lynn Truss, I have become more aware of grammar. Expression with words does bring about a need for grammar; proper grammar.

colon, apostrophe, comma, semicolon etc.
Expanding my horizons, even in the smallest sense.

The Bible.

as we all know a seperation between church and state was enacted to keep religion out of government or vice versa. The classroom setting is still a setting that does not always mesh with religion. Luckily, ancient text is mostly religious and because of my professor I now know the Bible. I say luckily because I have attended church but It took my third year in coll…

Think Good Thoughts.


Interestingly enough, it has been an exciting couple of days. Not in the normal joyous way bout more in the new work i have taken on. EIC is slowly becoming another home and i am trying my best to put my best foot forward. Office life is slightly monotonous but i am still in training so my brain isnt working creatively yet..

in other news.

my relationship has been on my mind more than ever.
I am thinking entirely too much and calculated isnt even the word anymore.


I want to do some research on: dreams, sex and grammar.

I have a paper due on Monday on the Bible. Mom, came in handy and luckily she payed attention in Sunday school.

Rocks and hard places. Theres more I want to say but I cant formulate the sentence.

The New Negro 1920 - 2009


EIC, Yeah I got the internship..

Content Writer Intern.
It's crazy, cause standing there it dawned on me the amount of work I have in front of me. Hmmm... I'm ready and willing to learn.

knowledge is power. cliche but It is true though!

i should be reading.


When the Bridge Withers Away

You might win some.. but you Just Lost One.
Change.. People change all the time its how you choose the view the change as positive or negative that makes the difference. Iv held things close to my heart, entrusted with other peoples ghosts and even have put some of mine on the table.
People are in your life for seasons.
Friends come and go. Its a fact of life that certain people will not be there forever. I've learned through lost loved ones that this is a temporary existence that must be lived to the max. some of those whom you expect to last are called family members. Its like an invisible string that holds us (family) all together. close friends fill in the rest of the gaps. Lucky enough to have 1 i do have a few close friends. If i betray the trust of one close friend to elevate a family member its a lose -lose situation.
Devils Advocate.
Its hard knowing whats worth repeating and what not. when it does not concern YOU personally it can be pushed to the back of the mind. It wasn&#…

Rainy Daze

Lots of work, Well im giving myself lots of work. Lately I feel like im going, going, GONE...
NYSC on wall st. has been put to rest and im On to BIGGER and better, hopefully. Some would question my decision to leave without a plan B as premature .. I, am fine with it.
So.. i wont be able to party as much.. so i wont be able to walk around the city and pull clothes off the racks. im not too happy about the last one but its okay ill manage.
On the academic side, papers are coming at me like crazy. MiDTERMS! MiDTERMS!
personal end.. things have been reconciled. not handled but its hard not to stay away from it when its front of you.

Question.. What is guilt?

first and foremost

1st blog, def not the last but im looking forward to the opportunity to share. Conversation can be amazing but only when shared between two conversationalist. Those who dont find joy in just a little oral expression just dont cut it. Blogger will do the job..
I once had a Xanga (an online diary/blog) it consisted of my high school days and in a daze i was. When i looked back on my entries, I saw where i was and it was a nice time down memory lane. I was brought back to reality when I read and entry on love and I couldnt stop laughing at myself. One thing is For sure, I know nothing more about Love now than i did then. That will probably be the the truest statement throughout this entire entry.
Work starts at 2pm and i have to be out of here by 1:30. I havent left myself much time but there is never enough of the stuff anyway!
Reading a Book called When Washington Was in Vogue by E.C. Williams its a view of the 1920's from upper class black society. The narrator…