first and foremost


1st blog, def not the last but im looking forward to the opportunity to share. Conversation can be amazing but only when shared between two conversationalist. Those who dont find joy in just a little oral expression just dont cut it. Blogger will do the job..

I once had a Xanga (an online diary/blog) it consisted of my high school days and in a daze i was. When i looked back on my entries, I saw where i was and it was a nice time down memory lane. I was brought back to reality when I read and entry on love and I couldnt stop laughing at myself.
One thing is For sure, I know nothing more about Love now than i did then. That will probably be the the truest statement throughout this entire entry.

Work starts at 2pm and i have to be out of here by 1:30. I havent left myself much time but there is never enough of the stuff anyway!

Reading a Book called When Washington Was in Vogue by E.C. Williams its a view of the 1920's from upper class black society. The narrator Davy Carr is brilliant and he shares his views on blacks that are still true today. I envision him a scholar with low glasses, well spoken and well dressed. But as his words still hold meaning today I dont see him being happy living amongst my generation, we are far too fickle.

If thinking alone was a paid profession, I think Id be CEO of the Organization..

Over and Out.


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