Limbo, Limbo


So far i have completed the book I was told to read: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. It was a great read and I would offer it as a help; to all those who need help in grammar. I have also finished readin the Oxford Study Bible for Ancient Lit. But what I would really like to take from this literary education is the mind changes that occur. Since reading the above mentioned Novel by Lynn Truss, I have become more aware of grammar. Expression with words does bring about a need for grammar; proper grammar.

colon, apostrophe, comma, semicolon etc.
Expanding my horizons, even in the smallest sense.

The Bible.

as we all know a seperation between church and state was enacted to keep religion out of government or vice versa. The classroom setting is still a setting that does not always mesh with religion. Luckily, ancient text is mostly religious and because of my professor I now know the Bible. I say luckily because I have attended church but It took my third year in college to successfully feed me the bible.
...its amazing what you will learn, when your being tested on it. =]

On a Personal Note:

I cannot comment, I am in limbo.
I am "involved", but this part of my life is seeming more mental, than Emotional.

I'm disconnected.


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