When the Bridge Withers Away

You might win some.. but you Just Lost One.

Change.. People change all the time its how you choose the view the change as positive or negative that makes the difference. Iv held things close to my heart, entrusted with other peoples ghosts and even have put some of mine on the table.

People are in your life for seasons.

Friends come and go. Its a fact of life that certain people will not be there forever. I've learned through lost loved ones that this is a temporary existence that must be lived to the max. some of those whom you expect to last are called family members. Its like an invisible string that holds us (family) all together. close friends fill in the rest of the gaps. Lucky enough to have 1 i do have a few close friends. If i betray the trust of one close friend to elevate a family member its a lose -lose situation.

Devils Advocate.

Its hard knowing whats worth repeating and what not. when it does not concern YOU personally it can be pushed to the back of the mind. It wasn't far enough, the information hit too close to home and the decision was mine. Like a volcano it erupted from me as the boiling point was reached.

Whats next?

Well thats up to the teller. I believe I Made the Right choice. If you don't agree, i'm sorry.


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