Winter Wonderland

Hmm.. Been a while Lets do a quick recap.

Christmas will be here in 5 days.
I am still involved.
I have a crush!
Fall 09' Semester is Officially OVER
E.I.C -till February.
Sold the iPhone.
Bought a Blackberry.
Still the same old G.

alright well I've been running around, wrapping presents, writing content and enjoying life. It has been a great year and 2010 should offer an exciting ride.

My christmas list is clothes, clothes and boots. Hope Santa has NOT been watching

I have a crush on a snowflake. Intelligence has always attracted me.

Friends/Family seem to be doing well. We made it another year, not a screw loose.

Lady Gaga is brilliant and the Madonna for My generation. Fashion + Music

For the Future:
2010 I need to make something happen, something big! SO, I can finally take flight..


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