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Bare Hands

interesting how easily we forget .. Oh! man, 2010 is starting off a bit shaky I decided to leave E.I.C at the end of my internship and I believe this is the right decision. "..and don't be mad at him when it's on to the next one." Friendships: Well some of them are taking a sour turn and I cannot say this is catching me by surprise. Pinpointing when it exactly happened seems impossible, but I waved the white flag and have given up. Love: Back, Back, Forth and Forth - that's really all I can say. Heres a song for the thoughts on this Break up to Make up - Jeremih Life: Roller coaster and my hands are in the air hoping the next drop isn't a big one. I seem to dig myself out of holes with my bare hands, and I'm lucky to be blessed.

when they call don't answer

I'm uncomfortable and irritated. Money$ I ended it, I have to stick with it.

monday, again

Let's get ready to RUMBLEEE! Not exactly but its a monday and I need to be excited in order to continue. Lets see where should i Begin. Im a liar, and sometimes that can hurt my relationships not to the point of breaking but i can feel them shaking. Life isn't a box of chocolates and occassionally you do know what you're going to get but this isn't one of those times. Love is relative. Not a relative but relative, emotions run high and sometimes I'm not fast enough. find me where you left me, down there in the smoking section.


this is my first post for 2010 and I have to say it still feels like 2009. I would like to make this year special. For one, i was supposed to graduate this year but that has been prolonged because of my major change. this was a positive though because I am now recieving the grades i deserve for a subject I love. I ended my semester with a bang, 3 A's and 1 B. I am sure I will contine my success in this field of study as long as my heart is into it I can accomplish it. If you believe you can achieve. I had a house party in my home in NJ for New Years it really was a good time and i beleieve i was an exceptional host. I have never cleaned so much in one night. Back track to christmas. Santa was kind, he gave me all that I asked for and more. On the relationship end. I would have said i eneded this year single and loving it. That is no longer true. I am a sucker for love and silly rabbits*. Once again. 2010 has to be a blowout year for me. I must decide where this E.I.C thin