this is my first post for 2010 and I have to say it still feels like 2009.

I would like to make this year special. For one, i was supposed to graduate this year but that has been prolonged because of my major change. this was a positive though because I am now recieving the grades i deserve for a subject I love. I ended my semester with a bang, 3 A's and 1 B. I am sure I will contine my success in this field of study as long as my heart is into it I can accomplish it.

If you believe you can achieve.

I had a house party in my home in NJ for New Years it really was a good time and i beleieve i was an exceptional host. I have never cleaned so much in one night.
Back track to christmas.
Santa was kind, he gave me all that I asked for and more.

On the relationship end.

I would have said i eneded this year single and loving it. That is no longer true. I am a sucker for love and silly rabbits*.

Once again.

2010 has to be a blowout year for me. I must decide where this E.I.C thing will lead me and I have to make money doing something. College is a blood sucking snake and I cannot deal with it. I have to die rich because I was born broke. Well something like broke. The recession is kicking ass, MY ass.

I am still Blessed.


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