Bare Hands

interesting how easily we forget ..

Oh! man, 2010 is starting off a bit shaky

I decided to leave E.I.C at the end of my internship and I believe this is the right decision. "..and don't be mad at him when it's on to the next one."

Friendships: Well some of them are taking a sour turn and I cannot say this is catching me by surprise. Pinpointing when it exactly happened seems impossible, but I waved the white flag and have given up.

Love: Back, Back, Forth and Forth - that's really all I can say.
Heres a song for the thoughts on this Break up to Make up - Jeremih

Life: Roller coaster and my hands are in the air hoping the next drop isn't a big one. I seem to dig myself out of holes with my bare hands, and I'm lucky to be blessed.


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