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Your wants could kill you..

I'm in a search for a mind . A brilliant one a beautiful one. Lupe Fiasco believes we need women that look like Melissa Ford to have a mind like Maya Angelou. Me? I just want intelligence and beauty in a package that will see right through me and into the "Heart of the matter". Truth is the highly educated don't flock my way.. until I visited ATL, so to speak. She's not mine but she isn't anyone elses either. School : Im writing for the John Jay Newspaper and the internship is COMPLETE! To say i survived is putting it lightly, the man I worked for would eat his young if he couldn't get them to work for him first. Chattle slavery is alive and well for a trip down memory lane go find an internship in a low level organization. ON the bright side, I thank him for allowing me the chance. Family/Friends : Mom and dad were upset i hadnt made time for them, i fixed that a bit. Friends are all going to Miami and I wont be able to attend because I am unemploye

Employer is to Employee as Master is to Slave

In my book, the book I plan on writing after college, I plan on including every rediculous boss I've had in the past two years. I have to say employers are truly outdoing themselves in the amount of bullshit they can throw at you. I got a part-time job at an italian restaurant in Harlem, NY. I was given the hostess position and it seemed to be a good fit. During my interview with my 82 year old boss, there was a mixture of flirting and conversation that I have never experieced before. Mostly because i am not usually inclined to sitting down with 82 year old and because he told me was writing a book entitled "Cognac for Tots". Look out for that on the next bestseller list. (sarcasm) Other than that it seemed to go smoothly until i began working there and realized there was no structure at all! I could not survive in the environment when I've grown so accostumed to professional bullshit (that's all it really is). I also do not take kindly to being disrespected