Your wants could kill you..

I'm in a search for a mind. A brilliant one a beautiful one. Lupe Fiasco believes we need women that look like Melissa Ford to have a mind like Maya Angelou. Me? I just want intelligence and beauty in a package that will see right through me and into the "Heart of the matter". Truth is the highly educated don't flock my way.. until I visited ATL, so to speak. She's not mine but she isn't anyone elses either.

Im writing for the John Jay Newspaper and the internship is COMPLETE! To say i survived is putting it lightly, the man I worked for would eat his young if he couldn't get them to work for him first. Chattle slavery is alive and well for a trip down memory lane go find an internship in a low level organization. ON the bright side, I thank him for allowing me the chance.

Mom and dad were upset i hadnt made time for them, i fixed that a bit. Friends are all going to Miami and I wont be able to attend because I am unemployed. Im not upset though, I was before, because my time to have fun isnt now. My time will come when lavish living will be apart of my life, but that time is not now.

In other news..

I am not sure how I'm feeling exactly. I love literature, words, sentences and lyrics. Life is poetry..


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