a taste for champagne and endless fortune

"i gave you all the love I got, I gave you all that I could give.. gave you love"

that infamous relationship has finally come to its conclusion, education is continuing, money is on my mind and dating is hard. Yes, that does sum up the thoughts on my mind lately.

Spring Break
..more like mental check out because I don't even plan on spelling properly for the next couple of days. Professors have called me out, asking more of me and more from my writing. In order to progress I have to learn which means visiting the dreaded writing center. It is dreaded because everyone is sent there -which means it is impossible to get a day in. I am a fast paced chic and the writing center is a traffic stop -along the bumpy road of life.

Dreams of an R&B chic
.. theres this crush. Young, but mature. Feisty, but sweet and easy on the eyes. I don't know how to approach her. I havent been in the scene for about a year and change -I will try.

To know me, is to love me.
I believe that you have to get past my exterior to truly embrace me. Personality wise I am a force to be reckoned with and physically I can pass in a rush. The question is who will take the time to see that? I do not want a relationship -lord knows! Dating game..

Mom's in Vegas, Dad's in A.C - when the parents are away, the kids will PLAY!
*currently in search of a playmate*

LOL :)


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