Coonery and Foolery

There is nothing I hate more than looking like a fool.

Not too long ago I was introduced to a n interview that Bob Marley had done in 1979. He was constantly asked about marijuana and why Rastafarian's need to smoke weed. He didn't even really understand the question because to him there was no "need" to smoke it was just part of his life.

Bob Marley took two substances that have been controlled by the government. Prohibition was the governments ban on alcohol but the movement didn't last long because people naturally rebel. The government released their hold and just put some regulations. Now Bob's theory was that the government gave us liquor to make us drunk and to make us stupid. They take away marijuana because it makes you think and question. The government has never been interested in answering questions, and marijuana doesn't keep you in a box like alcohol does.

This entire post is filled with deep regret because my actions led to coonery and foolery. A good night can turn sour very quickly, especially when it is filled to the brim with alcohol.

Dave Chappelle has a different take on alcohol and friends. He decides that you just can't get too drunk around your Caucasian friends..

I suppose Chappelle never had black friends like mine. Next time, I'll stick to what I know.


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