So, when did you fall in love?

There is little to discuss. I feel almost consumed by this and it really driving me mad. I wish that I was given the chance to understand what this would be like. Seems I was not so lucky. Do not assume that Love is something that you can choose. I don't want to wish I could delete this 4 months down the line. It is premature and I know that I should take my time, but I am diving head first. I do Love and it is in me. For years I had doubted the true Love within myself, but I have been proven wrong though her.

"But the spotlight makes you nervous" .. The lyrics to this song have been in my head all day. Drake's Album makes me nod my head in agreement.

Then again there is again that pain that hurts so good. I cannot believe how I am reacting, and I haven't even thought about the options. There truly are none.

I fell... shit!


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