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Raise your Hand before Speaking

*Back to School Edition* On August 28th 2010, I began my (hopefully) last fall semester at John Jay College. My class load isn't difficult and all hope rests on me. Books are being purchased and names are being learned all around campus. My library is growing with each passing semester and the geek in me is adoring each book on the syllabus. Contemporary Fiction Foundations of Literature and Law Crime and Punishment Journalism 2 After this day of education, my weekend consisted of the total annihilation of my lungs and liver. My dear cousin celebrated her birthday and brought a number of us with her to Atlantic City. I was accompanied by the wonderful Pia McKay and life seemed to stop. If only for a second my whims were granted and my lonely nights ceased. I had an excellent time, with my friends and family. While on this excursion I came across someone that I had left behind. She pleaded for our friendship as if it were something she could not live without. If looks played ap

There's No Where to Hide

(Wednesday August 18th 2010)There was no one around and all I could hear was my heart beat. All of my senses told me that I was in trouble, but the danger hadn't reached me yet. A hand reaches for my shoulder and I fall down in fright. Before me is the walking dead, but I have no control over my limbs. Run! That's all I can think to do. A bicycle comes into my view and I hop on immediately. I ride and ride fast, hoping I won't be caught in its grasp. For miles I run, never thinking to turn around and face my fears. I continue to run... "Dreams of being chased or chase dreams, often stem from feelings of anxiety in your walking life - you want to escape from something. The way we respond to anxiety, stress and situations in real life is typically manifested as a chase dream. Running is an instinctive response to physical threats in our environment. Often in these chase dream scenarios, you are being pursued by some attacker, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you

No. It's me, Not You

It is hard to separate yourself from the life experiences that have made you different. The phrase "a burnt child loves the flame" combines learning from life lessons, with adapting to life lessons. As a burnt child, I cannot evaluate any situation without digging into the recesses of my memory for any experience that will help. Relationships with others hasn't always been easy for me, and this includes platonic relationships. Friends are hard to find, but I have been blessed to come across quite a few good people. Although, when I think of friends, only one comes to mind. The difficulty lies in the inability to hold on.There is no reason for lose ends, so I cut em'. Calling someone a friend that you can go 6 months out of the year without talking to is hardly worth the effort. Adding something positive to a "friends" life is one of the most important part of a friendship. Taking from a "friend" without ever reciprocating can only be described as

The Map I was looking for

Happiness doesn't truly describe it, and neither does elation. Today, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed for an intern position with WPLJ 95.5 radio. This radio station is one of the Top ten in the nation playing pop/rock/contemporary hits. The station is also affiliated with ESPN radio, Radio Disney, and ABC radio. Yes, I did just list all of that to boost my ego because all I hope is to gain experience from the opportunity. I was hired on the spot. It truly is not about what you know, but who you know. Being affiliated with these big names can lead to more opportunities. Thanks to the people I know that helped to make it possible. Although, my resume would have been no different If I had been chosen at random. Support is strong under my feet, and it is also unwavering. I feel good! A couple posts ago I mentioned needing directions and asked for a map. WPLJ is my GPS. My brother is in town from VA. My cousins/sisters birthday is on the 23rd day of this month. My se

Everything that glitters isn't gold

This is a short story I've been working on the last couple of days. My zest for my job as decreased dramatically. Apart of me knows it will lead to nothing and working towards my future is all I am interested in. The faster I work through this, the faster I can take my life to another level. There was a time when success was all I needed to be happy, and then things changed. There is more to life than personal success, and I have become acquainted with love. The fall semester is registered for and the payment has been applied. Summer of 2010 feels like it slipped from my grip. Above all else it will definitely be a summer I remember. He walked in very well dressed and his status wreaked from his pores. There was nothing forced about it, nothing predictable either. He dealt in arms and had no qualms about adding to world suffering. I spotted him heading towards the bar and could not help but capitalize on the chance. "Scotch on the rocks" he said to the bartender. Wh