The Map I was looking for

Happiness doesn't truly describe it, and neither does elation. Today, I was given the opportunity to be interviewed for an intern position with WPLJ 95.5 radio. This radio station is one of the Top ten in the nation playing pop/rock/contemporary hits. The station is also affiliated with ESPN radio, Radio Disney, and ABC radio. Yes, I did just list all of that to boost my ego because all I hope is to gain experience from the opportunity.
I was hired on the spot.

It truly is not about what you know, but who you know. Being affiliated with these big names can lead to more opportunities. Thanks to the people I know that helped to make it possible. Although, my resume would have been no different If I had been chosen at random. Support is strong under my feet, and it is also unwavering. I feel good! A couple posts ago I mentioned needing directions and asked for a map. WPLJ is my GPS.

My brother is in town from VA. My cousins/sisters birthday is on the 23rd day of this month. My semester begins August 28th. My internship begins on September 3rd. My mothers 50th birthday party is on September 11th.
Full plate? I agree, but It would take an elephant to bring me down from this high.

*Word to the wise -don't ever stop pushing!

This is something I wrote a couple years ago, and it is interesting to see what I thought of myself.

Have you ever loved before? That's what she asked me.. And said she "knew me" sounds a bit off.. But now im even questioning myself. Im too fickle and just not quite grounded enough for love. I felt a bit sad last nite and this mornin. Felt like I hopped back into a position I just did not want to be in. I play guessing games with my own heart and then wonder why im so indecisive. Make up your mind. Should you stay or shud you go. Its simple but your COMPLICATED . Stop pointing fingers and settle things up in your heard before you pour out your indecisive sorrows. Have you ever loved before? That's what she asked me. Taking offense to what 1st would seem an absurd question. But with further research its quite valid. Ever loved before? Not quite sure now that it was thrown at me as more of an insult than question. There was no problem to solve in her request because she claimed she "knows me". So since she knew me I didn't have to respond. Funny thing is the question became even more puzzling as I struggled for an answer. Without hesitation bringing up the last realtionship which of course I was SUPPOSED to be in love in. Pushing that to the surface managing to hide my own self doubt. Now the questions become more of a search. Have I ever been in love? Well my type of love consists of late nite sexscapades with various individuals who mean nothing to me while coughing up "I love you" to the person who im actually involved with. Questioning their feelings for ME because I lack trust. But what I left out is that I can't even trust me. A rock and hard place so to speak. Im capable of more than you know and the devil on my shoulder has been on break, so yeah ill take the credit. Oh and you can charge that to my morality card which expired.. oh somewhere around puberty.
Yeah, I just forgot to hand it in. Not that mom ddnt teach right from wrong but dad taught me somethn even better. Let go love free and its going to hurt you. Rather -hold on give up nothing and it WON'T hurt you. Sorry folks that all I know. Can we blame the blissfully IGNORANT? Zebras don't change stripes and I like mine just fine. So maybe theres sides of me you won't see. Ill take pictures. Maybe ill miss out on love and never know. Theres plenty of fish in the sea and I've got bait. Charm and a smile are my weapons of mass destruction. Call it a terrorist action, luckily osamas on my team. See we both had trouble with the father. So now the "son" will pay. Casualties of war? Ill send flowers and a card. Recently played chess with a checker player and mated. Left crumbs behind my trail but she still got lost in the maze. Had a "fun room" and caught her stuck in the mirrors. She forced me to look and I told her I had no reflection but she thought she saw me. Its never me you see just what I show you. So its funny to me when they say "I know you". Babygirl you only got part of the show im here all week. Here's a backstage pass you'll see how production works.


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