No. It's me, Not You

It is hard to separate yourself from the life experiences that have made you different. The phrase "a burnt child loves the flame" combines learning from life lessons, with adapting to life lessons. As a burnt child, I cannot evaluate any situation without digging into the recesses of my memory for any experience that will help. Relationships with others hasn't always been easy for me, and this includes platonic relationships. Friends are hard to find, but I have been blessed to come across quite a few good people. Although, when I think of friends, only one comes to mind. The difficulty lies in the inability to hold on.There is no reason for lose ends, so I cut em'. Calling someone a friend that you can go 6 months out of the year without talking to is hardly worth the effort. Adding something positive to a "friends" life is one of the most important part of a friendship. Taking from a "friend" without ever reciprocating can only be described as abuse.

It's crystal: If you do not add anything to my life, and are only sucking the positivity from me? Then we cannot be associated with one another. Call me a burnt child. The flame is all the company I need.


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