Raise your Hand before Speaking

*Back to School Edition*

On August 28th 2010, I began my (hopefully) last fall semester at John Jay College. My class load isn't difficult and all hope rests on me. Books are being purchased and names are being learned all around campus. My library is growing with each passing semester and the geek in me is adoring each book on the syllabus.

Contemporary Fiction
Foundations of Literature and Law
Crime and Punishment
Journalism 2

After this day of education, my weekend consisted of the total annihilation of my lungs and liver. My dear cousin celebrated her birthday and brought a number of us with her to Atlantic City. I was accompanied by the wonderful Pia McKay and life seemed to stop. If only for a second my whims were granted and my lonely nights ceased. I had an excellent time, with my friends and family.

While on this excursion I came across someone that I had left behind. She pleaded for our friendship as if it were something she could not live without. If looks played apart in my belief of it all I would say she was lying. She suffered no hardship and continued to enjoy life, so why must we tie loose ends? Is there something in us that thirsts for rejection? Well, I suppose I failed in being the same old me because I responded to her pleas with a hug. I suppose flowers can also grow from stone...

The internship begins on Friday, and soon I will learn what I will be doing for the next couple of months. The anticipation for this new distraction is growing more and more.

On another note, have you ever considered the distraction that love is? It is hard to see things clear with rose colored glasses on. When shes around I don't see clear, and when she's close to me our magnetism pulls us together. A year is a long time for consideration: our futures, families, choices and each other. There is nothing else for me to do, but keep on moving and hope she does the same.


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