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My Thoughts on the "BlackPad" or Blackberry Tablet

As a fan of gadgets, technology, and innovation I would have to comment on the "BlackPad" or Blackberry Tablet because I am a fan of RIM. The company that revolutionized mobile e-mail and dominates a portion of the smartphone market would have to come up with something. Apple is heading straight for the goal without losing momentum, let's see how this goes. Similar to the iPad: in shape and focus. What is truly the kicker about this device is its multi-tasking feature. Apple and Apple users alike have always said the ability to multi-task slows down the speed of the device. I feel confident when I say that the Blackberry is efficient at multi-tasking without immensely slowing down the device. Adobe FLASH is also a feature in the Blackberry Tablet. This allows users to watch video on websites, instead of needing a separate app for viewing. I must also say confidently that I believe the iPhone is the best phone on the market. If you wonder why consider one simple

Pardon Me, but please pass the Grey Poupon!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am making it my business to shake my ass. Venturing to a club/lounge in Brooklyn hoping to relieve some tension through dance. Summer is over, but some of its weather is still here. I should enjoy it while I can. I took a look at the lyrics in kanye's song "Runaway", specifially the chorus: Let's have a toast for the douchebags, Let's have a toast for the assholes, Let's have a toast for the scumbags, Every one of them that I know Let's have a toast to the jerkoffs That'll never take work off Baby, I got a plan Run away fast as you can Obviously Mr. West is giving into the media's judgement of himself and owning it. Which is probably the best way to go about it. He is no asshole, but he does need a little more class like half days . If man makes the money and money never makes the man, then the Louie V does not translate into manners. I agreed with the statement Kanye made about T. Swift and yes Beyonce did deserve

A Temporary Emotion

There's no reason to doubt the mischief jealousy can create. I feel it buildup within me even when I focus on other things. If only I could conquer the green eyed monster. Stick him in front of a mirror and show him his reflection. Give him a peek at the feelings he causes within me. Show him his true nature and introduce him to envy. He isn't completely unavoidable and I know that better than anyone. At times of weakness he creeps through my cracks and shows me my hardened shell is flawed. Gnawing at my heart from the inside out. The hole only gets bigger... Vicious and unbiased I seem to attract them all. Stirring within your soul and catching you when you fall. Caught in my trap, you can't help but feel me. Money means nothing, so it won't help if you're wealthy. A faithful friend always by your side. Ready to pickup the pieces and offer you a ride. Down the slippery slope of emotions they always compare me to. Envy is my bestfriend, soon to be yours too. The h

The Congested Mind.

Dreams.. Recently, I had quite the meaningful dream. I was sitting on the couch in my home and I looked down at my arms and I had bites all over them. Someone next to me(not sure who) asked me how I got them, and I had no idea and the bites began to slowly bleed out. "To dream of being bitten suggests aggression and insecurity." Coincidently, I had a similar dream about a single rat that would stop at nothing to bite me. He bit my right hand ran into my mothers room. She came out chasing the rat and killed it in front of me, which was for me to believe as she is terrified by vermon. "A rat is a sign that negative influences are undermining your vitality. Dreams about rats and mice usually reflect the worries which are "gnawing" you. Seeing a rat: you will go through some unpleasant experience with other people. If you are bitten by a rat in the dream, be aware that one of your friends is determined to ruin your reputation." I am fully aware of the

Well let's just say it happened...

I believe in the sharing of power with individuals that also have power. I have decided to create my own idea of smart people joining together in POWER-HOLDING Matrimony! A Few Examples of this include: -Jay-Z and Beyonce -AT&T and Cingular -Kobe and Shaq (close your eyes and remember) ..etc Consider the Following: These two powerhouse companies have done nothing short of takeover the market in the last few years. Google completely optimized web searching, by cataloging the internet and designing it for users. Google also has become a heavy hitter in the mobile industry, and introduced Google search into all Android devices. They won't stop here either. Apple needs no introduction. They haves stylized technology and perfected touch and motion sense technology. Interactive mobile devices offer cameras in the front and rear for video chat and video record. Apple iTunes is one of the most used sources for purchasing music over the internet. The Apple computer has become