My Thoughts on the "BlackPad" or Blackberry Tablet

As a fan of gadgets, technology, and innovation I would have to comment on the "BlackPad" or Blackberry Tablet because I am a fan of RIM. The company that revolutionized mobile e-mail and dominates a portion of the smartphone market would have to come up with something. Apple is heading straight for the goal without losing momentum, let's see how this goes.

Similar to the iPad:

in shape and focus.

What is truly the kicker about this device is its multi-tasking feature. Apple and Apple users alike have always said the ability to multi-task slows down the speed of the device. I feel confident when I say that the Blackberry is efficient at multi-tasking without immensely slowing down the device. Adobe FLASH is also a feature in the Blackberry Tablet. This allows users to watch video on websites, instead of needing a separate app for viewing. I must also say confidently that I believe the iPhone is the best phone on the market. If you wonder why consider one simple fact: Every phone after its creation has been made to beat it and FAILED. As a child of the technology age, cell phones have always been treats. I have also had the iPhone and currently a Blackberry Bold: I am fit to make such statements.

Either way I love to see big companies go at on a technology level, it encourages innovation!


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