A Temporary Emotion

There's no reason to doubt the mischief jealousy can create. I feel it buildup within me even when I focus on other things. If only I could conquer the green eyed monster. Stick him in front of a mirror and show him his reflection. Give him a peek at the feelings he causes within me. Show him his true nature and introduce him to envy. He isn't completely unavoidable and I know that better than anyone. At times of weakness he creeps through my cracks and shows me my hardened shell is flawed. Gnawing at my heart from the inside out. The hole only gets bigger...

Vicious and unbiased I seem to attract them all. Stirring within your soul and catching you when you fall. Caught in my trap, you can't help but feel me. Money means nothing, so it won't help if you're wealthy. A faithful friend always by your side. Ready to pickup the pieces and offer you a ride. Down the slippery slope of emotions they always compare me to. Envy is my bestfriend, soon to be yours too. The harder you wish and the more you fight. I sneak into your heart and it feels so right. How can we be enemies when we work so well? Yes, the grass is greener over here and so your emotions swell. Growing and growing till you can't help but call my name. Jealousy, better yet The Green Eyed Monster is my claim to fame.


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