Well let's just say it happened...

I believe in the sharing of power with individuals that also have power. I have decided to create my own idea of smart people joining together in POWER-HOLDING Matrimony!
A Few Examples of this include:

-Jay-Z and Beyonce
-AT&T and Cingular
-Kobe and Shaq (close your eyes and remember)

Consider the Following:

These two powerhouse companies have done nothing short of takeover the market in the last few years. Google completely optimized web searching, by cataloging the internet and designing it for users. Google also has become a heavy hitter in the mobile industry, and introduced Google search into all Android devices. They won't stop here either.

Apple needs no introduction. They haves stylized technology and perfected touch and motion sense technology. Interactive mobile devices offer cameras in the front and rear for video chat and video record. Apple iTunes is one of the most used sources for purchasing music over the internet. The Apple computer has become the standard for every Dj, musician, graphic designer and gamer alike.

With Google search optimized in every iPhone, Google's sales would triple. The iPhone is one the cheapest phones on the market and the BEST phone. There is no phone that has not tried to do battle with the iPhone and lost. Android has bugs, and we understand it's new, but the iPhone OS will always be more refined. Having Google team up with Apple would also help with sales of the sometimes too expensive Mac Book. Google's funding could help lower the price and deliver the Mac OS to more homes at an affordable rate. Keep in mind these are only ideas.

"Can you hear me now?" (pause) "Good". These lines have uttered in many of Verizon's commercials, and for good reason. Their service is impeccable, and anyone at the party with Verizon has service EVERYWHERE! What they don't have is the best looking devices. That has always been their unspoken staple: excellent services, expensive service, and ugly phones.

T-Mobile, well what can I say? I have been a loyal customer for 11 years and still going strong, but let's face it "Trash mobile" isn't always there when you need em'. T-mobile is strong and wonderful in the big cities like New York and Chicago, but stepping out of those lands doesn't guarantee E.T a "phone home". On the bright side for a tech-freak like myself, the phones are always innovative and trendy. The use of a sim card is always just easier, by allowing the customer the option to change phones freely. Opposed to Sprint and Verizon Wireless which are not fans of the sim card.

If these two joined up Verizon Wireless would have trendy phones and T-mobile would have global service. I see a match made in heaven -take that AT&T-Cingular!

May seem crazy to join a car company and an appliance company, but they share a distant cousin in the motor of an engine and the motor in a vacuum.
Dyson is the company behind those quiet commercials narrated by an Englishmen of polite disposition. The Dyson company is genius because they solved all the mistakes made in ordinary vacuums: the square front does not allow for all spaces. Not every room is perfectly shaped and the roller ball allows it to reach all areas. They also created a fan that is completely silent and circulates the air a continuous stream almost magically. They are quite innovative, even if it is described as "useless technology".

Audi is one the MOST innovative car companies. Producing vehicles for the public and for racing. These automobiles are designed with a unique balance of luxury, speed and size. Their cars are fitted with all media inputs, LED day-time lights, V6 and FSI engines. They have given a face lift to the brand and the automobile.

Combining the problem solving efficiency of Dyson to a car company infatuated with speed would be perfect. The Dyson has eliminated the necessity of noise while machines are in use and removed many unnecessary parts. I believe the engineering skills of Audi could revolutionize something as simple as the vacuum cleaner and extend to many other house-hold items. It seems dreamy, but anything is possible.

This is was just my business imagination having some fun...


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