Christmas Edition

"The weather outside is frightful, and the fire is sure delightful. There's simply no place to go -Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".

Wish this were just the theme song to the festivities, but on this 27th day of December 2010 is is snowing like the blizzard of '96. The blizzard of 1996 was one of the most memorable for the East Coast because New York City actually shut down. Something close to that is possible today, and it is quite exciting when there is little mental stimulation around. Although, that won't be in short supply during the coming months, and in 2011 I truly have to perform at my best.

Being around family is sometimes painstaking, yet generally enjoyable. The painstaking moments are when I'm asked about my relationship status, as if my family is Facebook. Enjoyable when the cards and games come out -I always enjoy good competition. Nonetheless, the holidays are reserved for those that have been there since day one. Friends and lovers have been becoming apart of these seasonal events, which mixes things up.

Christmas went well and New Years is WIDE OPEN with nothing to fill it. Last year was amazing this year who knows...

Haven't done much in the sense of creative writing. The semester is over and I am just glad to be free of schoolwork.

Uptown magazine soon. I have to do my best


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