Last Day of the Year 2010

Today is the last day of 2010 and I couldn't be less enthused. I began 2010 with a bang and surrounded by people that no longer stand beside me. Now I am approaching the year end, and there's only a few left. Is this what is to be expected? I would be a fool to end this on such a sour note, especially when every year new and exciting events take place.

For 2011 I have a promising internship planned, Graduation, and hopefully my transition from girl to woman. Adulthood seems to work like a muscle to be exercised and built up. Trust and believe there will be no failure to launch here...

Recently, I'v caught myself being reminiscent. My mind wanders over ex's, old friends, and family that I no longer have relationships with. Each one has played a role in my 22 years that I can smile about when thought about. There is a reason that they are gone though, and that is the best lesson learned. People are truly in your life for seasons.

While the radio blasts tunes from 2010 that were hits, and the newspapers come up with noteworthy events that impacted the year. I have nothing of this sort to show for this year, and that is what worries me most.

New Years resolutions are fickle promises made to ourselves that never seem to hold, so why not come up with some of my own. Quitting tobacco and hitting the gym. Those are two promises I'll do my best to keep. There are so many more changes I should make, but I cannot guarantee anything else. 2010 was supposed to be the year I tried to move out, and here I sit in my mothers home. 2011, well let's hope more can get accomplished.

The future is bright 2011 isn't even the biggest star in the sky.

Peace and Love 2010


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