Art in the Wild

Recently came across a documentary on a very interesting 20th century contemporary artist named Jean-Michel Basquiat. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY to a Puerto Rican mother and a Haitian father. Jean-Michel ran away and lived on the streets of SOHO and lower Manhattan. He came into the spotlight after people started noticing his graffiti work under the tag name 'SAMO'.

He then took notice in the artistic scene of NYC in the 1980's and exploded with success all the way domestically and internationally. Andy Warhol became one of his best and most famous friends.

As most highly intelligent and creative souls Jean-Michel's fame took a toll. Slowly he was allured by hardcore drugs that lead to his early death at the age of 27.

Influence goes a long way. This small, but intimate look into Jean-Michel's life captured my attention like no other. Not quite sexual, but definitely as a person to admire. We share many things in common: nationality(mixed Haitians), place of birth, and a creative mind. He included words into his art, and he said, "I cross out words and letters to obscure them and it makes you want to read them". At first glance I made so many assumptions, and now I know so much more. I'd like to be as free in the mind to take the chance that he did. Art.


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