Decoded and Put Back Together

Today, I started my internship with Uptown Magazine as the Editorial Intern. It has been a nice and quite easy going process. They shout out ideas to one another, and go over relevant topics all in hopes of securing their place in the mind of Black America. I had an issue with my previous internship with WPLJ Radio because of the lack of black/urban expression, and I have traded that in for the black world here at Uptown. Fact checking, reviewing and meetings will be my life for the next couple of months.

For Christmas I was given the book Decoded by Jay-Z, here's what I think:

At first I really don't know what I was expecting, but I suppose I could have never guessed. There was no reason to "decode" his lyrics because I had already broken those apart. Instead I was told told a story about Brooklyn, the place that I was born, but had never seen the underbelly of. Storytellers are always painting pictures in the readers mind and those images begin to move and take shape. His story unfolded in front of me and I went with him everywhere he went. What Jay-Z is doing is retelling the story he has laid down musically. I turn the pages and see parts of his mind that are almost too personal. I sold crack with him Brooklyn, I watched him battle rap on the block and joined him in business when he became CEO. Giving praise and paying homage to those that helped him wasn't really necessary because everyone in his story seemed to be headed in the same direction. UP. On summer, while taking a class, I was told to list my favorite poets. One of the people on that list was Jay-Z and as I said his name aloud they laughed while the Professor looked concerned. I made no mistake though...

2011 is in full swing, and thus far it seems everything is going as planned. There are events that are happening around me that should capture my attention, but lately I have failed to pay attention. If this is how my mind focuses on true goals, then I am pleased with how I function.


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