Hamster or Human?

This story as most of my stories do came to me while riding the subway. It is nowhere near complete, but I am not sure how I would finish it anyway.

I enjoy writing short stories because the reader can become intimate with the character quickly and the reader is thrust into a story they really know nothing about. It is also much easier to throw in curve balls that make the story worth so much more.

Here is something unfinished, but recent

Hamster or Human

The cold of the linoleum floors startled me out of sleep and I curled into a ball. Everything around me suggested I was in a bathroom, but I had no recollection of how I got there. The porcelain god positioned above my head held the contents of something foul, yet nothing reminded me of a familiar place. I struggled to my feet and tried to turn on the faucet. The few drops that escaped I used to wet my lips, but there wasn't much to be used. The pounding in my head was almost loud enough to blend in with the footsteps approaching the bathroom door.

"Hello my little lab rat" said the stranger at the door. "You must have an infinite number of questions for me and all of them will be answered."

The door shut as soon as I had mustered enough energy to speak, and the darkness of the room was restored. The man must of been about 60 and the middle of his head held no hair, while the sides remained full. His lab coat was stained and it looked as if he had been preparing meat.

As I searched around for some clue to my whereabouts the door opened.

"Listen, I don't know how I got here, but I'm sorry for being a bother. Just tell me where I am and I'll find my way."

"Oh no this is your home my pet, and how can I allow you to just fend for yourself?" He said over wire rimmed glasses. "Go take a look in the mirror, it should help clear things up."

A dusty mirror was placed on the side of a file cabinet, and I slowly walked over and turned it towards myself. My teeth had been filed and now my front two teeth stood out from the rest like a rabbits.

"The anesthesia probably hasn't worn off, so some of your modifications won't be noticeable to you yet. I have made you better, faster, and stronger!".

That's all he managed to get out before I broke a large beaker over his head. My flight or fight reflexes seemed sharpened, and I could smell the blood seeping from his forehead long before it appeared. While the doctor laid on the floor I did some snooping.

The X-rays of my body told the story I had been waiting to hear. My thumbs had been broken to bend into different positions, fur injections had been embedded under my skin, and a tail would soon poke out from behind me.

"Some of these changes may anger you my pet, but you must not harm me" he said in a cold whisper.

I had not even noticed him and couldn't move from the lighted x-ray viewer.

"Consider the life you had before, was it really much different?" said the Doctor.

Flashbacks of my life began to stream into memory. Sitting at home with a disconnected phone and masturbating to America's Next Top Model re-runs. I secluded myself because people are hard to trust. No matter what it was my life to live, and it was no business of his.

"Now you will be able to mate with someone besides you're own hand" he said with a chuckle. "Would you like to meet her?"

Although I could not stand to look at him, his offer peaked my interest. He led me to a back room with a spinning wheel and a water bowl. Out of a small pile of wood shavings emerged some beautiful mix of hamster and human. She had long flowing hair that covered her from the top of her head all the way down her back. Yet, something about her made me want her more, as we got closer. She stood next to the cage and stared at me through green eyes.

"Yes my pet, you see everything you need will be provided to you". said the doctor

As I walked over to the cage she came to me and began to sniff my hands. Even though the doctor believed I was his "pet", all I could think about was my big escape.


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