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Spectacles of Nature

what can I say? I'm hooked on analyzing the films of Spike Lee(40 Acres and a Mule Productions). Here is a compare and contrast: It's about the representations of black women in two Spike Lee films A perfect example of the objectification and sexualization of women of color is Saartjie Baartman also known as The Hottentot Venus. “She became the main attraction and a thriving business for the London showmen who exhibited her. Baartman’s genitalia and the “abnormal” protuberance of her buttocks, or what was termed steatopygia, served as the central model for Black female “otherness” in the nineteenth century. To this day, Baartman’s preserved buttocks and genitalia are in a jar at the Musee de l’homme in Paris” (Young 699). It was the curiosity of the Europeans that drew them to this “main attraction” with the natural “protuberance of her buttocks” that was so unnatural to viewers. The African woman and the European woman were placed on opposite ends of the spectrum wit

When the Talking Stops

Even though I can scribble words all over a notepad and blog in between work I still am horrible at communication. I read an article in Vibe Magazine about 50 cent. Not that 50 cent is anyone to aspire to, but the man does have a way with words. It has nothing to do with being articulate or having a huge vocabulary, but allowing the words that you mean to flow from your lips. He was commenting on an altercation between himself and Eminem/Dr.Dre. He said that their way of dealing with issues is NOT dealing with issues. He questioned peoples ability or inability to deal with issues. 50 cent is not one to avoid confrontation, and it is exactly those type of people that he can easily bully. Those few words helped me to reflect on my own verbal inabilities. I am the master of acting as if people don't exist to 'deal' with a problem. The truth is I don't deal with them at all. Seclusion: Most of the people that I considered friends are gone. I have done this. I pushe

The Management of Life

Job searching with a degree in English is not the easiest pursuit. Graduate school seems to be the next step. side note: I enjoy the academic environment. The learning and most of all the competition. End of the semester and I'm feeling reverse senioritis. Then I considered teaching. I don't know if I will get to that at this very moment in life, but I think I'd enjoy that for the long term. There are the standard GRE's and the Literature in English subject GRE's. I may have to take both. Doing well means a greater likelihood of acceptance. Literature English: "Each edition of the test consists of approximately 230 questions on poetry, drama, biography, the essay, the short story, the novel, criticism, literary theory and the history of the language. Some questions are based on short works reprinted in their entirety, some on excerpts from longer works. The test draws on literature in English from the British Isles, the United States and other parts of th

The Largest Organ of The Human Body

I NEED TO SOUND OFF Subject: Skin Lightening I have been submerged in my studies lately, so much so, that I missed out on some important information in music news. The hair salon that my mother attends is run by Africans. NOT African-Americans, but authentic Liberians and Nigerians. Around them I was first introduced to the world of skin lightening. (Of course there was Michael Jackson. He wasn't tangible, and so his lightening didn't even seem real.) Inside the salon there were bleaching creams and they were used by some of the employees. It's never quite natural looking. VYBZ KARTEL BLEACHED HIS SKIN The intensity is only because I absolutely adore this man musically. This really breaks my heart... Why? I guess I don't deserve an explanation. People have to realize that as cheesy as it sounds, "With great power comes great responsibility". He may not be the God in the weight of my world, but he was dark, talented, and successful. YES! The color of his sk