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Subject: Skin Lightening

I have been submerged in my studies lately, so much so, that I missed out on some important information in music news.

The hair salon that my mother attends is run by Africans. NOT African-Americans, but authentic Liberians and Nigerians. Around them I was first introduced to the world of skin lightening. (Of course there was Michael Jackson. He wasn't tangible, and so his lightening didn't even seem real.) Inside the salon there were bleaching creams and they were used by some of the employees. It's never quite natural looking.


The intensity is only because I absolutely adore this man musically. This really breaks my heart...

Why? I guess I don't deserve an explanation. People have to realize that as cheesy as it sounds, "With great power comes great responsibility". He may not be the God in the weight of my world, but he was dark, talented, and successful. YES! The color of his skin was beautiful, and obviously it didn't deter his success.

So disappointed...

Listened to the radio interview, and he almost wouldn't admit to any action. He just kept speaking about himself in the third person, while blaming 'Vybz Kartel' for the new look. Adidja Palmer, which is his birth name, seems to be separate from 'Vybz Kartel'. Sadly, they share the same skin. Is he experiencing double consciousness within his stage personality.

There's rumors going around about Cake Soap.
Cake soap is a cleanser used to whiten clothes. The company denies it's lightening effect on the skin.

Let us not forget Sammy Sosa:

-I'm done. Black is beautiful


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