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You Give Me Fever...

Let's talk about sex.

Let us define the cougar: a woman usually older and/or more financially stable than the individual she is with or pursuing.

Define: MILF (mother I'd like to ****) - breaking down the acronym does the job of defining the term pretty well. A MILF is usually sexually enticing to others, but does not necessary mean she is a cougar.

Now what happens with the two sexually charged descriptions meet? You get a wonderful surprise...

In the professional and academic environment, people sometimes choose to keep their personal business private. Sex is hard to keep private as we are all sexual beings. College is coming to a close, and slowly the barriers that professors and students have begin to break down. This does not mean that sex with underage students is permissible once they graduate, but it does mean that sex with students that are adults is permissible.

During spring break I was given a behind the scenes look at someone I respect and I suppose am slightly attrac…

I'll Never Tell

As a person receiving an education on English, it's funny how quiet I can be.

For my post-colonial literature class we are reading a book entitled, The God of Small Things. The author is a confirmed Marxist political activist named Arundhati Roy. Her background is quite interesting, but the characters she created have taken on a life of their own. Although I have just begun reading the novel, I am quite interested in a character named Estha. At a young age he became the man of his house, but was sent away to live with his father. While away, a silence took him over. One so deep that he almost fades into the background of any environment. Silence is a power on its own.

Everyday we walk around the Earth stumbling on unplanned events, absorbing the media and succumbing to the routine. How is it that this imagine character had the ability to remain quiet? We have Facebook, which allows us to be in constant communication, and updates us on the lives of people miles away. It doesn't e…