You Give Me Fever...

Let's talk about sex.

Let us define the cougar: a woman usually older and/or more financially stable than the individual she is with or pursuing.

Define: MILF (mother I'd like to ****) - breaking down the acronym does the job of defining the term pretty well. A MILF is usually sexually enticing to others, but does not necessary mean she is a cougar.

Now what happens with the two sexually charged descriptions meet? You get a wonderful surprise...

In the professional and academic environment, people sometimes choose to keep their personal business private. Sex is hard to keep private as we are all sexual beings. College is coming to a close, and slowly the barriers that professors and students have begin to break down. This does not mean that sex with underage students is permissible once they graduate, but it does mean that sex with students that are adults is permissible.

During spring break I was given a behind the scenes look at someone I respect and I suppose am slightly attracted to. When confronted with the situation I realized the limits of my maturity because I couldn't even recognize what was taking place. I was not assaulted by this cougar/MILF, but I suppose propositioned. After revisiting the scenario in my mind the fog cleared away.

After such an experience what changed? I feel no different about her than I had before, but I do see a side of her that I was never given the chance to. It's exciting to say the least.

One thing I know for sure: Sex changes everything.

On another note, Graduation is right around the bend. May is the last month of school. I am juggling many different projects, such as Senior Paper, Honors thesis, Student Research week, English department student meeting, and of course my 2 other classes. I job search every other day, while continuing to intern at Uptown Magazine. My future there is not clear to me, as I cannot say that I feel I have learned a great deal. I have contributed as much as possible, while still feeling sub-par. Hopefully May will be a month of opportunities.

When it comes to family, the fort I built around my sexual orientation is crumbling...


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