Happy Birthday To Me!

This is a *Special Edition* Birthday Blog

Today is the 23rd day of the 5th month, and 23 years ago today I was born. My parents joined together (at least for one night) to produce their mark on this world. Since then I have done my best to make my parents proud. With my head held high, I walk on this Earth with an open mind and an open heart. I believe in education, participation and pro-activity. There is nothing that I want more than be a success. I know that success is different to everyone, but I will stop at nothing to make my dreams come true.

On another note, family has worked their way into my recent relationship divides. My cousin and I, well she's more like a sister, haven't been in touch. The last few months I have separated myself from those that meant something to me. Then my Aunt called me from North Carolina, and she told me to stop living with unspoken emotion in my heart. My cousin even asked me how I can possibly write so well, but lack in the verbal department. To this I have no answer. I know it's true though. It's something to work on...

On June 3rd 2011 I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Arts with Honors in English. I have yet to complete my thesis, and I still have some finals. The undergraduate degree is completed! Personal success, and another educated black female for the corporate world. There is NO stopping me, no, seriously...

I feel great today even with the wet weather. There are NO clouds over my head. I'll smile for everyone that maybe too stressed to try.

Thank God, and those that know me for putting up with me for the last 23 years!

-Oh and Lady Gaga's Album "Born This Way" Drops today. Gotta love Gaga


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