So Close, Yet So Far

Here we are again.
at a crossroads, a divide
there's light on the other side.
oh, but you've already left,
And here I was,
thinking it was only a dream.

Happy Cinco De Mayo mi agmigos! I didn't celebrate in the least.

Ambition goes a long way. Smarts gets you even further. Graduation is less than a month away, and I feel no more prepared than I did last month. I am laying it all on the line producing paper, after paper in hopes of impressing these people. I've been getting some notice, but I really want the prize at the end of this.

5 years I've spent time, and given effort into my education. I have fallen and risen from the ashes. I began with a major I believed would guarantee me money and make my family proud. Things changed. Money was spent, and I realized I was making a mistake not pursuing what I had always loved. The pen is mightier than the sword!
Choosing the new track improved my mood, outlook, and GPA! I only wish I had decided this from high school graduation. Everything happens for a reason.

of course, it isn't over yet. It never really is

Side Note: I have a new found love for Fleetwood Mac.

The World is Never Enough, but it's a good place to start.


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