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Love and Marriage, Horse and Carriage

This weekend was memorable for many reasons. On Friday June 24th late in the evening the state senate of New York passed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill passed by a 33-29 vote, and this is a victory for not only the LGBT community of NY, but the numerous politicians that will bank on this victory. Although this is a victory for the same-sex couples that are committed and certain of their future together, I don't know If I can ride the wave with both feet. Marriage doesn't seem all that spectacular. The divorce rate for heterosexuals is much higher than their marriage rate. Marriage is a contract. Forged between you, who you marry, and the state. They tax you differently, and allow you recognition as not only sexual partners, but life partners. Paperwork. It just seems like paperwork to me. Apologies on my half-assed excitement. Of course, the passing of the bill did come at such an opportune moment. This weekend June 23rd - June 26th was NYC Pride 2011. It b

Sex, Anonymity, and the Internet

The internet has worked to give an identity to those that are outcasts in society. An outcast in the real world could be the "life of the party" online. With avatars, aliases, and message boards the popular kid could be the loner next door.What the internet does best, and most efficiently is sell sex. For those that don't want to buy it, well there are tons of free options. We are all human, working to make a place for ourselves among the masses. For some, the virtual world functions as a window to opportunity, be it, sexual, educational, etc. Recently, A Republican, Anthony Weiner, shared photos of himself via Twitter. The politician had 6 ongoing relationships with different women, while living as a married man. (Notice, I didn't say happily) Weiner denied the allegations of the photos, claiming it was a glitch/hack, then assumed responsibility. Weiner is strong about continuing his political work believing this has nothing to do with his career; "I don’t

Bye John Jay -Thanks for Everything

I walked into John Jay College scared, and dreamy. I had it in my mind that what I saw on C.S.I was the only profession for me, while I tossed aside my Literary Awards for lab glasses. I then spent the next two years struggling to keep up with my peers and stuck in the tutoring center. I gave Forensic Science my all, but it wasn't enough. The counseling department asked me to schedule a meeting with my counselor. I quickly emailed her, hoping meeting with her would miraculously increase my GPA. She reviewed my grades with me and told me what I already knew. I had to do something quickly or I'd risk my chances of staying at John Jay. She asked me about my Literature, and English courses. She noticed how well I did in those courses. I told her that those were my "easy A" courses because I enjoyed it. She then took her glasses off, and told me that what I enjoy is what I should be doing with my time. I agreed even thought I had already known. The walk down to the Engli