Love and Marriage, Horse and Carriage

This weekend was memorable for many reasons. On Friday June 24th late in the evening the state senate of New York passed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The bill passed by a 33-29 vote, and this is a victory for not only the LGBT community of NY, but the numerous politicians that will bank on this victory.

Although this is a victory for the same-sex couples that are committed and certain of their future together, I don't know If I can ride the wave with both feet. Marriage doesn't seem all that spectacular. The divorce rate for heterosexuals is much higher than their marriage rate. Marriage is a contract. Forged between you, who you marry, and the state. They tax you differently, and allow you recognition as not only sexual partners, but life partners. Paperwork. It just seems like paperwork to me. Apologies on my half-assed excitement.

Of course, the passing of the bill did come at such an opportune moment. This weekend June 23rd - June 26th was NYC Pride 2011. It began as a statement, and a revolutionary movement to celebrate difference and equality in the New York streets. A parade travels through the city, and finishes its' trip in the West Village of New York. The public comes together on the pier, and dances together in remembrance of the days when ignorance curbed freedom.

Today, the parade is quite different. It seems as the youth takeover these outdoor events they lose the pride that's supposed to come of it. Today, the experience is lackluster, and almost too immature. I hate to report in such a negative light, but the unity that is supposed to bring the LGBT community together isn't the glue. I've only experienced Pride in NYC, so maybe I should attend others to compare the experience. This wasn't my first time enjoying the festivities. I would really like to help in the event next year, and try to bring funding that could change the pace.

All-in-all, I support those that worked hard to obtain gay marriage in New York. However, my views on marriage as an institution are obstructed.
Pride weekend? ehh... I need to do more research.


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