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Holy Arguments & Disagreements

I was sitting with my Grandmother watching T.V when I flipped to the channel that shows a recording of mass at a Catholic church. Of course my grandmother, a devout Catholic, asked me to stay on this channel till the mass was over. I agreed, and took the time to truly focus on what the pastor had to say.

He began by bringing up the sweltering heat that is hugging New York. He asked us to not complain about nature, and to avoid asking God for help during times that may seem hard to bear. He then continued with the story of Moses in Exodus. God heard the cries of the people, and sent Moses as a savior for the slaves. It seems God does not approve of slavery. It also seems that God answers the prayers of man in the bible, but I wasn't yet convinced.

As a black American, I am fully aware of the people that built this country. The darkskin that was broken and bled to ensure that I could sit here, and blog today. It maybe cynical or maybe sacrilegious to question the motives of Him, but …