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Shaking Up The East Coast

Today, August 23rd 2011, at around 1:50pm, an Earthquake shook the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Interestingly, the Earthquake did not begin in New York, but originated in Virginia.

I was home when the tremors began. At first my house began to creak, and I thought maybe I wasn't the only one home, but then the tremors moved the couch I was laying on, and for a second I questioned my sanity. After the tremors ended, I kept second guessing myself and looking outside the window for signs that someone else had experienced the quake. When no one seemed to notice anything I automatically visited searching phrases such as "Earthquake in Brooklyn" and "August 23rd Earthquake".

Herein lies my reason for posting.

My first reaction was to go online and search for someone to root me back to the ground. I felt as if I was the only one in the world that experienced the quake, that is until, I visited

Oh Facebook, how you show your global reach...


Government 101 Instructed by: President Obama

Since graduating and coming to terms with the careers decisions I have to make, I have begun to take more interest in the news. As a journalist in the making, the news represents much more than current information. The news, and staying current in general has become a passion. Therefore, the spectrum of topics I found interest in is expanding. It seems politics, economics, and statistics are just as fascinating as pop culture and technology.

I have only two words for my state of mind over the last two weeks: Debt Ceiling.

The Debt Ceiling is the maximum amount of money that the government can owe, or the maximum debt the government can have. The U.S Government has a triple A credit rating, and the U.S dollar holds most of its value in international countries. If the debt that the government owes is not stabilized, then the investors (mostly Asian investors) will retreat from their shares, and investments in the U.S. This will also raise the amount of money that the U.S pays for inter…