Government 101 Instructed by: President Obama

Since graduating and coming to terms with the careers decisions I have to make, I have begun to take more interest in the news. As a journalist in the making, the news represents much more than current information. The news, and staying current in general has become a passion. Therefore, the spectrum of topics I found interest in is expanding. It seems politics, economics, and statistics are just as fascinating as pop culture and technology.

I have only two words for my state of mind over the last two weeks: Debt Ceiling.

The Debt Ceiling is the maximum amount of money that the government can owe, or the maximum debt the government can have. The U.S Government has a triple A credit rating, and the U.S dollar holds most of its value in international countries. If the debt that the government owes is not stabilized, then the investors (mostly Asian investors) will retreat from their shares, and investments in the U.S. This will also raise the amount of money that the U.S pays for internationally imported goods. Currently, the U.S. is in about $12 Trillion of debt.

Apples and Oranges Democrats and Republicans

As it stands, the Democrats and President Obama fight to raise the debt ceiling. Republicans, on the other hand, have asked for a freeze. President Obama, the peace maker, has allowed the Republicans to force him into granting their wish. The separation between these two feuding parties does nothing to advance the economic well-being of the U.S. Employment has not risen in the month of July, and of the 16% of unemployed Americans 9% of them are African American. Now this is where I come in...

Education, Separation, and the Effects:

More than half of the unemployed population are African Americans. This is a direct result of several factors that can't be blamed on any particular group.

1. African Americans make up a large percent of city employees. The MTA cut jobs, the NYPD was on a hiring freeze, and City funding for government jobs has been slashed.

2. Schools in predominantly black communities are low on government funding, and aren't granted the same amount of funding as predominantly Caucasian schools. In some of these areas violence in school is rampant, which disrupts the learning environment, and impedes on a students well-being. Unfortunately, I have several friends that have not graduated High School, and are well into adulthood. I also have several friends that barely made it out of high school with the ability to read.

3.It's Not about WHAT you know, but WHO you know. It's not that all African-Americans are uneducated, underfunded, and misrepresented, but a large amount are.

The Debt Ceiling is not a racial issue. Well, let me not say that. I still don't have all of the pieces together. The after affects of this economic crisis will send shock waves through the U.S economy. I am a witness to this, as a black female, and a recent college graduate in this economy. I am scared. Scared because I know that my future is all in my hands, and there is really no help in the government nor in "who" I know. Social security will be non-existent for my age group, nor will we truly benefit from electing the first black president.

The first President I was ever able to vote for, President Obama, has shown me so much. It really doesn't matter who is in office because the government is a joint effort. If one side does not agree, then they will simply wait till they do.

The question is, do they care that the public doesn't agree?


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