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Pride Goes Before The Fall

The job market hasn't been kind to me since graduating John Jay. Each interview feels like a first date with no follow through. They tell me how "perfect" I am for the position, and the "growth" within their individual companies, but then I'm still left unemployed. It could be that they come across someone more qualified, but what I've been hearing most is the distrust in recent grads to commit to a position. Are recent grads supposed to tie themselves to positions even when more promising offers surface? I'm not too sure I can guarantee an employer that I will remain stagnant, but I can guarantee great work while I'm there.

I'm not sure about everyone else, and I may sound silly, but my confidence resides in my current endeavor. While in school, I was bombarded with work that resulted in positive reinforcement from Professors and peers. Each and every paper was given a grade that then added to my overall self-esteem, but now that those day…