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Marbles: The Brain Store

I am super excited to post today. Not because I just bought a brand new car, and it's beautiful, or that I got a second job in an amazing environment. I'm excited because I feel comfortable these days, and yes, it may have a little to do with the second job. Marbles: The Brain Store is a young company that began in Chicago, IL. It was founded by a young woman named Lindsey Gaskin, and it has really taken off. The aim of the business is to strengthen the brain through play. The head merchant for Marbles travels to different countries and states searching for brains that improve: visual perception, memory, critical thinking, coordination, and word skills. Marbles is about 3 years old, and it's expanding at a rapid rate. The newest store just opened in Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, New Jersey, and I am the first employee. My position is called a "Brain Coach". The aim of the company is presented front and center in every aspect of their marketing, and trai

Tuition Protests at John Jay College

While the occupation on Wall street is taking place. There are also some protests going on in midtown. The City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is experiencing a student protest. Today, October 5, 2011, in the early afternoon a large group of John Jay students decided to show the college their distaste with the current tuition hikes. All CUNY schools are funded by the city of New York, and when budgets are slashed the costs fall on the students. During my last year at John Jay College they sent out a newsletter notifying the students that tuition would be increased every year for the next 5 years. Although many are quick to assume that government funding pays for most of the students tuition that just isn't true. Federal funding only covers a portion of tuition, and the rest comes out of their own pockets. John Jay is also a commuter school, which means their students pay to travel to and from school each day. The MTA has also felt the financial squ

Promiscuous Girl

It's been awhile since my last post, but it's not that things have come to a sudden halt. Fortunately, I've secured a solid position, and money won't be such an issue. The anticipation of a check sure does lighten my mood. Although, this isn't the subject of my post, nor do I see a concrete "topic" surfacing out the rambling I am about to dive into. *** There is an old double standard that women have never been able to shake. Men are granted the opportunity to "sample" all of the women they choose, while uttering the word whore , skank , and etc. to any woman that sexually surpasses him. I've always been perplexed by our society for this. When did this happen? Does it really go back to ancient texts such as the Bible? I cannot hold Eve responsible for this burden. She acquired knowledge, she didn't sleep around. Then where does it stem from? At the moment, I find myself shoulders deep in a fulfilling relationship. I'm happy and sati