Marbles: The Brain Store

I am super excited to post today. Not because I just bought a brand new car, and it's beautiful, or that I got a second job in an amazing environment. I'm excited because I feel comfortable these days, and yes, it may have a little to do with the second job.

Marbles: The Brain Store is a young company that began in Chicago, IL. It was founded by a young woman named Lindsey Gaskin, and it has really taken off. The aim of the business is to strengthen the brain through play. The head merchant for Marbles travels to different countries and states searching for brains that improve: visual perception, memory, critical thinking, coordination, and word skills. Marbles is about 3 years old, and it's expanding at a rapid rate. The newest store just opened in Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, New Jersey, and I am the first employee. My position is called a "Brain Coach". The aim of the company is presented front and center in every aspect of their marketing, and training practices. It is essential that every Brain Coach knows brain vocabulary, and function.

In order to reach their goal of improving cognitive skills and brain function through play, the company sells games from all parts of the world that improve all areas of the brain. This isn't Toys R' Us, nor is it a Game Stop. Run of the mill toy stores like these do not provide the service nor the goals that Marbles has for its customers. Each and every product is actually geared towards adults, and is tested by a board within the Marbles Company.

I hope that my excitement is coming across because I am enjoying learning the inner workings of this small, and young company. I believe in what they are trying to do, and I would really like to foster these types of activities in my own family. We have always been into board games, but these games are quite challenging and really can help the youth population. Video games are just not cutting it, and I hope that my participation in this company can add to a greater good.

Check out the website: Marbles: The Brain Store

This is in no way an opportunity to market. I believe in knowledge, and using information to better ourselves.


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