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Girls, Women, and the Lack of Differences

It's interesting how different women respond to different life experiences. We are like an emotional dominoe set dropping before our fears. Well, maybe not all women, but definitely one I've met recently. Let me tell you about her... She's a type A personality with little to fret about. In the dictionary, her name appears next to the word 'independent', and humble doesn't even describe ber. A logical mind with a defecit on emotion or atleast that's what she believes. I see her completely different from what she displays. Hurt by the men in her life, carrying a masculine exterior. All I see is a cover up. Her inability to open up has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with her. I'm no psychologist, but I know a mess when I see one. The daredevil front she puts up only half way hides her scars. Her brash way of communicating is a turn off, yet, I still want to know more. As much as I want to break her down like a character in a novel, I know I