The Death of The Finger

While on the way to work today, I was driving behind a woman that wasn't moving as fast as I would have liked, but, I wasn't fretting it I had left home early. It seems I had pissed her off though, and as she pulled to the side she gave me a mouth full of expletives. I didn't know what I had done. I gave her ample room, I wasn't tailgating, and I wasn't in any hurry. Even though I was unsure of my fault I did what any person raised in New York would have done, I gave her the finger. After feeling satisfied with my response, I started thinking about the last time someone gave me the finger. The recesses of my memory failed to pickup on any recent traces of the insult. Then I realized that the finger had lost its meaning.

Did you know that the finger was first used in ancient Greece by Aristophanes? The finger was first used as a crude phallic symbol joke. Then the Roman Emperor Caligula made his subjects kiss his middle finger instead of his hand as a way to subjugate them. One of his subjects, Cassius, whom the Emperor belittled for being effeminate killed him for giving him the finger and making him kiss it. This is a blatant example of just how strong body language can be.

Today, I believe the finger has lost its luster. It just doesn't have the same effect it used to. A Twitter hash tag has more power then giving anyone the finger it almost saddens me. R.I.P to the finger. You've broken so many hearts, and shattered so many ego's.

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