The Elephant in the Room

To wed or not to wed? That is the question.

I'm sitting in my cubicle making some last minute edits before I submit some work, and a group of 20 year old girls (my contemporary) walk in the office. They are surrounding one co-worker that was recently proposed to in JFK Airport. Her finance, set up the proposal with all of her family and friends right before they boarded the plane for Thailand. They are all beaming with joy, and with hope. Hope that someone, someday will ask them to marry them in such a public display of affection. These 20 something year old women all have the same fears, and dreams. Fear of being unmarried or without love, and dreams of finding that one to "complete" them.

Then there's me totally uninterested in the proposal, but absorbed with our close age range, yet distance in interests. I feel like an alien. I'm unsure if it's because of my sexuality or my lax attitude on marriage and relationships. Either way I suppose the whole thing should have been cute to me. Instead I wondered why someone would want to get married so young.

Does age have anything to do with love? Does love have anything to do with marriage?
As a woman should I be on a constant quest for both?


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