First of 2012

I got a new job. It's with a talent marketing company. I'm doing Search Engine Optimization again. It seems that first, horrid, internship has netted me more money than any other.

Imagine that.

I've been blogging for someone else lately. It's paid though so there's nothing of me in the content. Just my shell. It's probably the business shell that flakes off whenever I enter my car to leave work. I feel it fall off as I turn the key to start the engine. Then I become myself again, and by then I no longer want to look at a computer screen.

Is that what comes of it? Manufactured words that have no passion. No, I try to be as creative as possible. Either way, it'll do. For now...

I let go of something. I let go of a dream. I let go of something I created in my own mind. Inception of my own dreams. I. Let. Her. GO!


Apologies, I'm talking in hieroglyphs. Till next time...


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