It's Never Enough. Let's Celebrate Every Touch

In the beginning, it seemed to happen effortlessly. The excitement of new love brought us both to another world, in another time. Slowly, that changed, as things tend to do. The love was still there, but the end didn't happen to come so quick. I think I've gotten it back though. I pay more attention. I allow for vulnerability. I give her time.
Last night was beautiful just because I want to please her more than anything. I'm at home inside of her..

Her breath feels hot.
The intensity burns me,
and I let out a gasp in response.
We float, eyes closed above our physical selves.
Every time is just like the first.
Her love and my love,
the unquenchable thirst.
Desire, want, and longing.
She pulls me close.
I hesitate to respond.
This love came easy, but she, does not.
How shall I bring her to her knees?
                                                                             A soft touch and that brown body goes weak.
                                                                           back arches, legs tightens,
                                                                              and I was only two fingers deep.


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