Sweet Dreams are Made of These...

No, I'm not getting stalked. That would make this entry way more interesting, but I am being visited by a past lover in the worst way. My dreams.

My dreams are always vivid. I've had sporadic dreams of my ex for a long time. The details in my dreams are impeccable, but in a weird way. I'm always slightly aware that what I'm experiencing is a dream. So, let me explain the dream I had last night.

I was riding in a car with my cousin and my uncle. We went down a rocky driveway to a large white house with 3 columns, and a wrap around porch. The exterior was entirely new to me, but the inside was reminiscent of a house my aunt used to own, so it was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. It was a fall day because I remember the beauty of the trees and leaves scattered about. After we parked, my uncle left the car and entered the house, he didn't appear in the dream again. Then I look over and my ex is sitting next to me. Her face instantly brings back old emotions. Then we were all inside the house laughing, and talking. For some reason I left and went down to the garage to move my car out of the driveway. Outside of the garage stood a tall black man with a red shirt on. I remember this specifically. He smiled and said something to me that I can't recall. I entered my car, and then he appeared by my drivers side and attempted to reach into the car. I hit the gas and reversed out of the garage. He ran after me and pulled out a gun. He then stood a few feet in front of the car and I switched gears to drive. I hit the gas to try and run him down. I remember seeing my cousin and ex peering out the window watching this all unfurl. I also remember wishing my car was faster because it seemed to take forever to reach a good enough speed to knock him out. Then I hit him, and got out the car. I then remember entering the house. I saw my ex lying on the couch next to a friend of hers I had met once. I told her I was pissed she didn't help me out, and got under the covers with her. Then I woke up.

In almost every dream I have, I am being chased or hunted in some sort of way. I also react in a way that I know are in some ways out of character for me. It's like I become this super fit heroine that takes out the trash, and dispenses of bad guys at the same time.
I did some more research on this reoccurring theme of being chased:

"The way the dreamer responds to feels of pressure and anxiety while awake is often reflected in the dream state. Chase dreams can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Often the dreamer will dream about being chased by an attacker or pursuer who the dreamer fears will hurt or kill them. In these dreams, the dreamer attempts to run from, hide from or otherwise outwit the pursuer. These dreams can often be very realistic, and chase dreams are some of the most commonly reported nightmares. In some cases the pursuer or attacker in a chase dream represents not an outside force but part of your self instead. Unresolved feelings of anger, jealousy and fear can often enter your dreams in the form of a threatening or frightening figure. In reality, the attacker in your dreams is a representation of these issues in your waking life."

After some research on dreaming of ex's, I came across this: "Dreaming about an ex-boyfriend can suggest unfinished or confusing issues related to that old relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean you still care for him, although it can. Often, it means that your current love relationship is awakening similar feelings that you had with your ex, either positive or negative."

The most important of the dream is the chase. What is it this threatening figure?
I also wonder why I keep seeing my ex. She appears in different scenarios, and they aren't always good, but they also aren't always bad. Either way these dreams are so real.


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