Why We Love Someone Like You, Adele

Compliments of Vogue Magazine
      The music of today is a clash of computer generated soundscapes and over-sexualized gibberish. To be frank, the new generation isn’t getting the same musical beauty as previous generations. Today, a YouTube sensation can get a record deal faster than the time it takes to get back a tax return. Music just isn’t full of the soul it once held, and brought out in the listener.

      I can recall the day like it was yesterday, a video came on MTV featuring a plump songstress, and she took my breath away. I closed my eyes and her lyrics were written into my memory. Chasing Pavement hit the airwaves running, and boy did she make an impact. This should be expected from an amazing vocalist that writes her own music, music that all of us can relate to. Here are my reasons why we love someone like you, Adele.

1. The Throwback Factor: Adele’s voice is from another time period. She represents old Hollywood, and all the glamour that follows. She’s discreet, focused, and obviously not trying to be anything that she isn’t. She is a 21st century woman with an old soul, and an ability to make something beautiful out of heartache and true emotion. This differs from the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry, two talented women, but not as strong lyrically. Adele’s throwback factor allows her to pull fans from the baby boomer generation, which is a tough audience to break thru. Adele crosses generations and pulls the listener in as they beg for more.

2. Raw Talent: We all know them when we see them, performers that need pyrotechnics and circus animals to boost their vocal presence. Well, Adele is not one of those performers. An intimate performance with just one microphone and Adele steals the show. She never needs a group of women in see-through tights to grab the audience’s attention. I believe if Adele wore a garbage bag and Sponge Bob slippers she would still captivate an audience off of vocals alone. That may not be the same for some of the performers that are at the forefront of the music industry. There is no reason to cloud her performance with smoke and mirrors. Straight, no chase, Adele is a smooth blend of beauty and raw talent.

3. No Skin Needed: Consider Rihanna’s dress for the Grammys, then cut to the two dresses Adele wore, this is not a review on Grammy fashion, but there was not much fabric used to create Rihanna’s dress. Yet, a fully covered Adele managed to sweep the awards, winning each category she was nominated for, and stayed completely clothed. Wow! In 2012, that’s a huge feat for the over-sexualized young celebrity woman of today. We all know that sex sells, but Adele’s voice sells more. We secretly adore a woman that can keep on her clothes and bring us to our knees by hitting the right note.

4. The Red Coats are Here: The UK has a way of creeping into the American market and stunning us with some amazing music: The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Elton John, and David Bowie to name a few. It seems America has always had a love affair with British performers. Adele is out newest addition to that love affair, and who isn’t a sucker for a cockney British accent?

We love someone like you Adele because you remind us of a time when beats and rhythms were secondary to the vocals. Most of the music we enjoy today has a better produced beat, then the voice that accompanies. We adore someone like you Adele because you’re a real woman with a body that reflects normal eating habits. We love someone like you because you connect us with your music and let us into a time in your life that inspired an amazing album.

Someone like you, Adele, to remind us why we love music…

-Thank You


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