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Spinning Like a Top

This week has been interesting. I've received good news, bad news, and I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. 1. During the early part of my week, I was taken into a meeting with the Director of my department, and the CEO. In this unplanned meeting, they told me that my department would be moving to New York City. They also gave me a raise. I was initially very pleased with this information because I just started receiving the bills for my student loans. Yes, it is more than I am making now, but not enough to truly support myself. On the other hand, New York City is where my heart lives.  2. After hearing about this, I immediately decided that I had to go back to my grandmothers house, so that I can maximize the raise that they gave me. Commuting from New Jersey to New York City is do-able, but expensive. That extra money would only go back into trying to get to and from work. I set out to let my family know that I needed to return. I told my significant other ab

Gender Prejudice

O ne of the best ways to learn about the prejudice within yourself is by meeting and introducing new people into your life. A couple months back, I became acquainted with a genderqueer woman that I hoped to add to my small circle of friends. She is educated, youthful, driven and attractive. All of the qualities that describe some of the people I love most. During our first conversation we talked about school, the future, and our life's goals. She told me about her focus in life, and about her family, and how she approached them with her sexuality. If you ask any hetero-normative person about their sexuality, they never have to include a 'coming out story' because they aren't   forced to declare a sexuality. That's neither here nor there, so I'll continue. As we continued to get to know one another, I only assumed one facet about her sexuality, that she was a lesbian. I also only ascribed one gender pronoun when speaking to her, and that was 'she'