Leaving, On A Jet Plane...

In two days I'll be on a plane from Philadelphia, PA to Miami, FL. In two days, I'll be receiving the first check that will reflect my pay raise, and in two days I will have consumed more alcohol then necessary. Sadly, I still have two more days to go because today is only Wednesday...

Since the last post things have changed. They changed because they had to, and that's what tends to happen. I moved my self, and my personal things to Brooklyn. My company has settled into the new east side location, and we have all managed to workout the kinks of the new commute.

My roommates are in a class all by themselves. They have welcomed me with open arms, and open hearts. I really appreciate everything they have tried to do, and I'm excited to come back here and really submerge myself into things once I return from Miami.

After the disappointment my family handed to me while going through all of this, I've decided to give them some alone time. I'm not looking to teach anyone a lesson. I just have no words to say. I also am sure that they will not matter.


The media has not given me the same inspiration as of late. I've been working on a short story. It's loosely based on some of my college adventures. Junot Diaz, I'm coming for you....


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