An Offer You Can't Refuse

Have you ever been propositioned by someone? Have you ever been approached with a question, no, more like a desire that someone wants only you to fulfill?

Well, I was approached with one recently. It was a sexual request from someone from the past. The only thing is, I have this whole 'my body is my temple' thing going on at the moment, and I'm not willing to lay down for anyone. So, I started to do some research, and by research I mean a Google search. My exact search terms were, "is it okay to have sex with someone you don't love". Then I felt like a silly little girl for acting as if I had been in love each time I had opened my legs. Don't judge me...

All sorts of links came up: pity sex, charity sex, and then I came across an article on Psychology Today:
"Pity (or mercy) sex is an experience in which a woman (or a man) is not particularly attracted to someone who is in love with her and wishes to have sex with her; she sleeps with him nevertheless because she feels sorry for him. Many people (probably more so women) have sex because they think they "should" rather than because they actually want to. This can be a kind of guilt-induced sex."

I have heard so many women tell me that they have felt pressured into sexual acts that they didn't really want to be apart of. Is this a mild form of rape or is it no longer rape because she is willingly submitting to it even thought she does not want it? hmm..

Then I have guy friends that tell me all the time that it doesn't even really matter. Is it my progesterone, or my femininity that makes me second guess sex without emotion? They tell me all the time that it just doesn't matter because they have this physical need to have sex, fuck, smash, screw, whatever you wish to call it...

I have this internal battle going on. There was a time when I would have been so open to this, but right here, at this time in my life, sex with just anyone, or anyone that I don't have real feelings for, just seems like a waste. Another notch on the belt.

Maybe I'm being immature about it. F!ck it, literally?


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